About us

About us
After my first jump in Queenstown (New Zealand) in 2007 I knew that this sport would never let me go!
The second jump followed in Radfeld in Tyrol. Especially the technique of the parachute systems and the know-how behind it fascinated me after this jump. After this weekend, I knew defenetly that I also want to occupy myself with this sport professionally.
I completed the training as a parachutist.
After that, I started my training as a parachute attendant (rigger).
I was allowed to do this with the well-known rigger Hans Osterm√ľnchner in Greiling.
My goal is to provide the parachutists with a point of contact in which parachute systems are professionally inspected and maintained.
Also, the annually prescribed by law packing the reserve screen may be carried out by me.